What is a credit score?

Financial institutions use certain measures to determine the credit worthiness of a consumer. Many of these numbers are based on a consumer's pay rate, debt to income ratio, and the ratio of the payment to total debt.


A credit score determines if you will be approved for a loan. Additionally, a credit score determines what you pay for a loan in interest.

Why is a credit score so important? Will a low credit score cost you many Benjamins?

Review the vocabulary before getting started.

We are exploring various ratios and rates and their affect on our financial condition.

A Debt to Income ratio represent the comparison of our monthly payments (expenses plus taxes) against the total amount of money we receive during a month (Gross Income).

We can write the Debt to Income ratio as either:





Download the read along inquiry.

Read How Credit Scores Work.


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Done Early?

Research the meaning of a currency rate of exchange?

Use the Yahoo! exchange calculator to find the rate of exchange for three currencies using $1, $5, and $10 US dollars.

Include the currency rates/ratios in the template that you are submitting to your instructor.

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