Get out the vote

How does national voting work?


A percentage are a type of proportion.

  • What do porportions have to do the U. S. National Election process?

  • Is it important to vote?

  • When does voting depend on outcomes in other states?

These are all questions addressed in this lesson.


In the last month President Obama was re-elected. There were several reports and claims about the effects and possible impact on the U. S. economy.

Read about the electoral college.

Electoral College

Look at the Electoral College votes for the states of: California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and Ohio.

Electoral College Map


How many votes are available for California, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Ohio?

Download the workbook for this lesson:

Electoral College Chart

Develop four scenarios, or combinations, that would produce a victory for one candidate in a mock election.

What is the voting populations in these states?

Voting results by state

Is it possible to win the election without winning the popular vote?

Submit your workbook

Use the workbook to calculate the percentages for each state.

Check your math before submitting your workbook.

Done early

What are some of the issues from the last presidential election that were important to you?

  • Health Care?

  • Stock Market/Inflation?

  • Jobs?

  • Energy?

  • Criminal Justice?

  • Immigration?

Pick one to two issues and write a paragragh on each.

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