Simulations, Virtual Classrooms, and Other Fun Stuff

This page includes some miscellaneous links that will be moved as I flesh out the topic.  For instance next semester I hope to be working on a selection and evaluation criteria for distance learning and extended  and global classrooms.  As the VP of Technology for I have used a similar criteria for software tools.

Teacher Communities

Scholastic’s Teacher Technology Resource

In some cases this is the goodie basket of teacher information.  The Scholastic web site has information from third parties that are selling products.  However, there is a lot of free information.  I found data related to all types of technology including video production, still photos, and more.

Provides interesting downloads for the hand held computer (Palm or IPAQ).

Video Conferences and Chat

Video conferencing can extend the classroom over a larger community.  Teacher's must be aware of issues such as cheating, the possibility of predators, in appropriate usage of chat.  The service requires a very good terms of use policy.

Chat services can be made available through e-mail service like Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Software companies are also beginning to develop services that can be purchased for specific time periods.  Net

Teachers will need to consult Technical Director and the IT department to determine what services are available.

The Global School House

ePals is a provider of e-mail services and other community tools in a safe format.

Learning Sites

National Geographic’s Explorer Hall