A resource guide for administrators, teachers, and staff


This guide is designed to assist with the incorporation of technology resources into lessons and student output. Additionally, the guide provides assistance with productivity and communication tools.

In the Discipline section of the guide users will place lesson plans, simulations, and other technology related information that will provide a positive meaningful learning experience in those specific disciplines.

The material presented is created with Constructionist Learning theory in mind. Teachers and learners will create a cooperative learning environment that will provide an interesting and dynamic learning experience for all. Through the resources described in the Resource Guide teachers and students will develop real experiences while working with real things. The primary goal is to allow classroom teachers to take ownership of the project based curriculum.


Web Site Evaluation

The world wide web (Internet) offers virtually unlimited amounts of data.  Which sites learners visit is critical to providing appropriate use of the web.  Without proper guidance students may "wonder" the web, or worse they may review inappropriate material.  There are several web site evaluation criteria that are available for teacher's use when putting together web based projects.

Evaluation Rubrics

Express Yourself

Learning and Instruction tools allows us to create, edit, manage projects created in the classroom.  This section of the resource guide covers instructions and tips for using:

Word Processing
Spread Sheets
Presentation Software
Database Design and Construction  

Web Development

    Imaging Tools

Simulations, Virtual Classrooms, and Other Fun Stuff

Work Smart and Communicate

Administrative tools are created to provide a better learning experience by providing administrators, teachers, and staff with tools that will make them more productive.  Part of being more productive is supplying constituents with up to date feed back for student products and grades.  Communication and community tools will allow stakeholders to ask questions and respond to topics that are important to them as individuals or to the community at large.


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