Presentation Software

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 365 includes Microsoft PowerPoint. It is an excellent product for making marketing or colorful presentation. Students use PowerPoint to bring out the creativity with color, fonts, pictures, sound, video, and graphics automation.

The product is very easy to use and the user may not need a lot of help. There is a wide range of templates and technical support found on the internet.

Microsoft Visio

We use Microsoft Visio for software design and engineering. It has several drawing charts and diagrams. Parents of may be more familiar with the tool. Most students do not use Visio for schoolwork. It has good online support for engineering drawings without having to resort to tools like AutoCAD.

Microsoft offers Microsoft Visio product support. The page contains valuable resources for the current and future versions of the tool.

Google Slides

Slides is tool offering colorful slides. There is no cost. Students will find many of the features found in PowerPoint. Google offers Slides along with several other tools through their collaboration platforms G-Suite.

Google Slides may not be a business standard, but is popular in schools.


Prezi is a presentation tool that provides very colorful slides and integration with tools like Zoom and Google Hangout. It is available through a subscription. Teachers and students find that the animation features enhance both online or in-person lectures or talks. It is easy to use the shapes and automation in lessons without using complex HTML.

Our sense is that Prezi is a tool used in schools, but not in as an industry standard like PowerPoint or Slides.