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Science Curriculum

The sample lessons and unit of practice represented here incorporate the basics for middle school and early high school mathematics.

Science includes Earth Science, Life Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, and Social Sciences

The general learning trajectory (map) for science is Earth Science (6th grade), Life Science (7th Grade), Physics and Chemistry (8th grade). In high school students take up General Science and Methods, Biology, Chemistry, AP Biology or other of the advanced sciences (AP Physics).

Sample Units of Practice and Lessons

The science units of practice are general, earth, life, and physical science digital learning opportunities.

General Science

Science lessons that support basic science inquiry.

Scientific Method


Rocket Lab

Earth Science

Building the strategic reading and writing skills of middle school learners.

Where you at?

Life Science

A unit of practice exploring the function of the cell and genetics.

This unit culminates with a project on contriversial topic such as Genetically Modified Organizms (GMO).

Cellular Structure & Function

Physical Science

The lessons contained in this sample unit of practice address the key concepts of Newton's Laws of Motion, lift, thrust, and drag.

The lessons are part of a larger course in middle school physical science.

Force & Motion