Cellular Structure & Function

An active biology unit that includes lessons on the functioning of cells, cell division, & genetics

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Scientific Method

How does a scientist do their work? An opening lesson for the science courses

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Let it Fly

Always a fun activity--Let it fly is a sample lesson in 8th grade physics.

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Earth Science

Sample lesson in mapping used in a 6th or 7th Grade Earth Science course.

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How to read a boook

Reading: It’ll blow your mind.

Mortimer Adler writes about reading a book for deep meaning and learning. What does he mean?

Girl Reading Book

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Scientific Measurement

Do you measure up?

It's all about the metric system. Student examine data conversion in this sample lesson in general science courses.

Golden Gate Bridge

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Character Development

A large part of education is learning and forming good habits. Classical Curriculum has long proven to be a source of understanding and incorporating virtue into one's life.


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