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This is the goodie basket of teacher information. The Scholastic website has information from third parties that are selling products, but there may be free information. We found data related to all types of echnology including video production, still photos, and more.

Teaching tools

Learning Tools & Tutorials


Desmos is an easy to use graphing calculator will help in solving problems assigned in pre-algebra, algebra, and statistics. A good tool for graphing linear equations, simultaneous equations and quadratics, and other functions.


Grammerly fills in as an editor. Students are guided through their written work and correct the content as they go. This is a very good choice if the school site lacks a writing lab. As students use the tools, they improve their writing. There is a cost for the premium tool.

Khan Acadamey

Highly popular with parents and teachers. Khan Acadamey offers a wide range of units and lessons. The units and lessons are delivered in short, easy-to-understand videos. There are courses for both students and parents.

Math.Com is an excellent resource for a quick tutorial. The site breaks sessions down by course and topic. For example, select Pre-algebra — Percent and the site will walk the s tudent through explanations, in-depth instruction, examples, and independent practice.


Mathway is a problem solver. It is very good for most problems. Students who are stuck will find it solves and displays the solution steps. There is a charge to see solution steps. It is worth it for students that are stuck with methods presented in class or online. It should not be used for all homework. Students will generally not have access during assessments.

Microsoft Editor

The latest Editor from Microsoft uses an Artificial Intelligence engine and available in Office 365 products and on Microsoft Edge. The features are now fair. Grammarly is better. Editor remains something to watch for the future.

National Geographic

National Geographic is basically a subscription service. There is free content.

The general site has many videos and learning articles. Look at the menu for geography and science material. We found the content on the National Geographic for Kids site engaging.

Also, look into the material on National Geographic for Teachers

Purple Math & Math Help

Like, Purple Math offers course work to help in tutoring students with specific course material. There is video for the lessons. Offers an ideal support to homeschoolers. There may be a cost for the product. It may be worth it if you already are paying a tutor.


TurnItIn is a plagiarism checker. Other tools also offer this service as an addon. The pricing structure currently starts around $19.00 per month. Schools and universities may offer plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin!

Video Conferences and Chat

Video conferencing can extend the classroom to on-line services. Teacher's must be aware of issues such as cheating through in chat.

Chat services can be made available through e-mail service providers. We recommend staying within Learning Management System. Zoom, Microsoft Skype, and other teleconferencing is provided by the schools.

Beware of AI Bots. Students may be prompted to give their personal information. Bots can be identified when the phrase, "I don't know that yet, but I'm learning" comes up as a response.

Teachers may need to consult Technical Director and the IT department to decide what services are available.