Software Development

Development Environments

Many schools and colleges have standards teaching standards and centralized images. Check with your school or district for software tools and the virtual images (remote cloud solutions).

Microsoft Visual Studio and .Net Framework

Visual Studio is the primary development for all Microsoft languages and development tools. The .Net Framework is a set of objects and tools that work with the Microsoft languages such as C# (C-Sharp), C++, Visual Basic.

Visual Studio Downloads

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight variant of Visual Studio. The tool supports several software languages and web development plug-ins. The tool has a free community version.

Developer Community

Software developers around the world use MSDN to access the Microsoft development community. The site has product updates, helpful development tips, and problem resolutions.

Eclipse IDE

The Eclipse Individual Development Environment is Open Source (free). There are several plugins for languages such as Java, PHP, C#, and others.

Eclipse Download

Developer Community

Eclipse is a broadly popular and support tool.

Eclipse Documentation

Languages for Data Science

Python & Anaconda

A popular data science and full fledge language Python is used by many for web and statistical programming. Anaconda is a popular tool when incorporated with Python integrates well with Visual Studio.

R Statistical Language

R is statistical scripting tool. It is supported by many open source packages. RStudio is an open source (free) tool. The R environment is widely supported on the web and with other open source packages (CRANs).