Word Processing

Office 365

Some schools and institutions offer Microsoft Word with Office 365. You can download the products to several devices for offline operations.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a tool used for creating and editing documents. Students and teachers will find it useful for developing projects. Teachers and students will find the support resources are many. Microsoft websites and search has help templates and other Office tools.

The features that are most helpful are support for bibliographies and references. The APA 6th edition template the References features allow one to create and keep APA and Chicago style referencing. Other templates for invitations, class newsletters, and educational brochures, add a pleasant touch for students and families.

Google Docs

Docs is another helpful tool that comes at no cost. Google offers several tools through their collaboration platforms G-Suite. The downside is they ask you to create an account and share your personal information. There is a large user base and support for Google Docs.

Many keep bibliographies and references with EndNote. Either Word or Google Docs EndNote is a complete reference tracking tool for APA 6th and Chicago style referencing.


Parent should take special notice. You should check student online use. You will want to watch student's activities in Shared Documents. Students use these tools to communicate or “pass notes” by editing a document. This practice could land them in trouble with school officials since the schools offer the tools. There are other privacy and social concerns.