Further into Genetics


Why do I look like other members of my family?


Studies have shown that most people look more like their grandparents than their parents. Is this true, and why do you think that is?

We will look at Punit squares and try to come up with an answer.

The vocabulary list is helpful as you complete this review.

Remember: it the list is side-ways, rotate the page.

The Code

As a programmer, I write 'code' that tells the computer how to process information. Code is an abbreviation that makes the process easier.

Give an example of code that you use on your cell phone to text your friends.

If you did not finish reading "Ribosomes, Transcription, and Translation" please do it now.


What accounts for the similarities among all human beings? We sometimes think that we are different. Observe the similarities that you have with your lab partner and enter them in your reflection notebook.


Gene Regulation and Mutation

We spoke about mutations in a prior lesson. What causes mutations? What are the effects?

Genes may cause mutations. The environment may cause other mutations (X-Rays, sun, toxic chemicals, etc.)

When you go to the dentist, why do they cover you with a lead-lined blanket?

Write a paragraph: Why is a mutation in a sex cell considered potentially more harmful than one in a body cell?

Finish early...

In the next, and final, lessons, we will address bioethical issues. Write a three-paragraph position paper with the following prompt:

Who owns genes?

If you use the Internet you must reference the work in APA format.