What's Got Your Zygote

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A cells gotta do what a cells gotta do...


When cells need to be replaced, they divide by mitosis. What happens if an organism during sexual reproduction?

The process of sex cells division is miosis.

The vocabulary list is the same as the Great Divide lesson.

What is division by reduction?

Cell division is a complex task which involves the parts of the cells that we explored in the last lesson.

Did we determine where DNA is located? Take three minutes to discuss this with your lab partner. Write an answer in your reflection book or notes.


Let's start by thinking about where we get our specific traits. Remember, even though we are talking about human; a similar process works for all living organisms.

Meiosis Revisited

Something happens that makes animal and plant reproduction work. You saw that half your genes come from your mother and half from your father.

Is it half for all organisms? What about bacteria?

Meiosis also happens in stages.


Resource managers gather a sock sack from the resource bin. If you are working on this exercise from home, have your home teacher make up a sack. Find and place as many pairs of socks in the bag.

Also, in this lesson, you will need the same materials that you had in the last lesson.

This is another each one teach one activity. Except, you will teach three other people.


There are many kinds of sock pairs in each sack. How do you sort the socks back into pairs?

Do that know. Write your procedure in your reflection manual.

How would you determine which socks belong together?

What is a Zygote?

Look it up. Write it in your reflection log or notes.

Resource managers get the bag of seeds (beans). For those of you who are completing the lab at home, you will need a collection of 20 to 30 mixed kidney and white beans. Accurately measure the length of each seed in mm. Input your data into Microsoft Excel and create a bar graph for your data. In your reflection book, note any variations in the seeds. Save the graph for future use on a poster or slide show.

Notebook check will be at the end of tomorrow.

Complete the quiz.

Finished Early...

We are going to germinate the seeds.

  1. Fold a paper towel in fourths for each seed that you will germinate.
  2. Moisten the paper towel and place the towel on a plate or tray.
  3. Place a seed on the paper towel. Keep track (label) plate for each seed.
  4. For the next several days, take a picture of the developing seed at the same time of the day, note changes, and log measurements each day.
  5. Did the initial size of the seed have anything to do with the outcome of the germinated plant?
  6. If you wish, you may continue the experiment and attempt to grow the plant in cups of potting soil. Develop a lab protocol for monitoring the growth.

Check out this video.