Database Design and Construction

Data Manager

Databases are used to store information. This topic can be very complex. It may be inappropriate for the general high school learners. It should be addressed with advanced or honors level junior or middle high school students.

Data management includes:

  • Basics topics covering data processing
  • Relationship database design concepts
  • Data storage requirements

Community Software

Community database software often has the same features as the larger enterprise versions. There may be a limited or throttled query performance. These are usually free and excellent for teaching and learning.

Microsoft Access

Access is part of the Office suite. It has an easy to use user interface and allows the student to develop an application. There are scripting options.

Microsoft SQL Server Express

MS SQL Server Express is a very good Relational Database Management System. The community version is free and can be used to "backend" student applications. This version has most of the standalone features found in the other commercial versions.

Oracle MySQL

Like Microsoft SQL Server Express, MySQL Community supports many of the same features of the larger versions of Oracle data server.


ERwin is an excellent design and repository development tool. One of the limits to 25 objects/tables. Teachers will have to be very familiar with graphical design tools.

Data and database topics are taught with Junior and Senior level technical courses and include software development tools.