Universal Forces

Photo by Ellen Qin on Unsplash

What are univeral forces?


There are several forces in the universe. The forces are the same if you are on earth or mars. They are everywhere.

The universal forces are:

  • Gravitation
  • Electromagnetic
  • Weak nuclear
  • Strong nuclear

During this lesson, we will explore these universal forces and how they affect object (matter).

You will work on an experiment and create a lab write-up. The activity is realated to past Force and Motion lessons.


Download the pre-lab lesson inquiry.

Lesson Vocabulary



Weak Nuclear Force

Strong Nuclear Force


Complete the lesson inquiry. When finished, turn-it in or e-mail it to your teacher or parent.

Ping-pong Ball Experiment

Write your hypothesis in the lab write-up.

  1. Tape a small length of fishing line onto each of 2 ping pong balls.
  2. Hold the strings together at about eye level so the ping pong balls rest at mouth level.
  3. Blow air straight forward in between the two ping pong balls.

Complete the lab write-up. Turn it in or e-mail it to your teacher.

Make sure that you relate principle back to this and previous Force and Motion lessons.

Done Early?

Research carbon dating and write an essay that describes how weak nuclear force is used in dating artifacts. Include an illustration that demonstrates your claims.