Scientific Measurement Grading

In this assignment, you will work with a partner to create a PowerPoint presentation. Your partner and you will use the presentation template that is provided in the lesson.

How do I make the best grade?

Add a background to the presentation. Each slide will have the same background. Additionally, each slide or card in the presentation will have a slide transition. You may add a music component to the first slide. All other slides will not contain music or sounds. Do not add transition to element on the slide. Share presentation responsibilities so that each person is using PowerPoint. The participation grade will be based on how well you stay on task and how well you share PowerPoint responsibilities.

Your group will create a 5 to 8 minutes presentation. Your group is responsible for presenting the following:

The final grade will be based on the number of combined points earned fron the: Collaberation Rubric and the Presentation Rubric