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The Scientific Method

In this lesson we explore the development of information from research methods. You will conduct an experiment using the elements of the scientific method.


Researchers use a procedure for examining a topic of their interest. That process is a method for discovery. Download the guided quiz, watch the video, and answer the questions.

They blinded me with science!


Download the Science Lab Writeup

Does the document follow the scientific method? Notice the rubric—that is how your grade will be calculated.

Select two balls (baseball, golf ball, or baseball).

You will need a measuring device of at least one meter (yard, meter stick or tape measure will do). Find a level surface for the exercise.


With a lab partner:

  1. Hold the measuring apparatuses as straight and perpendicular to the floor as you can.

  2. Drop each ball from the same height.

  3. Measure the time it takes for the ball to fall/land on the ground. Did your results confirm results from Galileo's experiment?

  4. Measure how high the balls bounce off the floor.

  5. Repeat the process above by altering the variable "drop height".

  6. What variables could be a confounding or confusing your results? Record measurement in the lab write-up. Make sure to identify the process, instruments, and variables for the experiment

  7. Check your work against the rubric and turn it in.