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Cellular Structure & Function

We engage in topics ranging from biological life sciences, biological chemistry, and social sciences. This active biology unit that includes lessons on the functioning of cells, cell division, & genetics.

The unit culminates with a project covering controversial topics such as genetically modified organisms (GMOs). You should customize the culminating project to meet the students’ interests.

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Cellular Structure & Function

Things made of atoms and molecules are material. Cells organize living organisms.


Robert Hooke coined the term when he was viewing dead cork through a primitive microscope.

The Little Room

Great Divide

A part of you is dying or needs repair every second. Wait what?

The Great Divide

What's got your Zygote

When cells need to be replaced, they divide by mitosis. What happens in the reproduction cycle of an organism?

What's Got Your Zygote

Genes from a Classical View

My mother used to say that any of her children’s poor behavior resulted from a bad gene from the family. Do genes determine behavior?

Bad Genes Made Me Do It???

Genes a Molecular View

Genes are molecular or chemical? What is the effect of changing our environment or body chemistry? Anything?


Roots of Genetics

Why do I look like me?

All about me

Further into Genetics

Why do I look like other members of my family?

All about us

Researching Issues

What ignites your passion? Find a controversial topic on genetics or cellular issues.

Start your project

What are the pros and cons about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

Are GMOs a thing? Develop your presentation to the class.

Putting it together

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